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TCM and Fertility / TCM and Fertility Enhancement

If you have been trying to conceive for a year without success, you may be facing some difficulties in trying to get pregnant, or medically classified as subfertility. Subfertility can be primary or secondary. Primary subfertility means that you have not had any pregnancies in the past. Secondary subfertility means that you have had successful pregnancies, miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies in the past and now could not get pregnant after one year of trying from your last pregnancy.

There are many causes of subfertility. In western medicine, several factors such as ovarian factors, fallopian tube factors, uterine factors & cervical factors are some of the classification of the causes of subfertility. According to Chinese Medicine, in order for fertilization to occur, the yin, yang, qi and blood of the kidneys all need to be perfectly balance. The cause of subfertility is mainly because one of the elements is out of balance. Therefore, although Chinese Medicine subscribe to a different philosophy of the understanding of the condition, it acts as a complement to the western treatment of subfertility.

Some of the classification of subfertility according to Chinese Medicine is as below:

(1) Vacuity pattern

(a) Blood & Yin Vacuity

This condition is associated with various problems with the eggs, such as inability of the egg to be fertilized, the fertilized eggs not being able to implant itself and grow, or the lack of any eggs

(b) Qi & Yang Vacuity

This is associated with inadequate energy to activate the uterus and leading to inability of the egg to be fertilized or for the fertilized egg to implant itself and grow.

(2) Repletion patterns

Pathologenic factors such as cold, heat, phlegm and dampness, stagnant of qi and stasis of blood have the effect on the uterus and blocking its channels. Hence, fertilization is difficult.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, using a combination of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture, is helpful in enhancing one’s fertility, increase the chance of pregnancy either naturally or through Fertility Treatment.

The main objectives of Chinese Medical Therapy include:

(1) Improve the function of the ovaries

(2) Strengthen the immune system and reduce stress

(3) Improve Semen quality & quantity

(4) Improve diet & life style

A combination of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and other forms of Chinese Medicine is helpful in improving all these functions, enhances the chance of you getting pregnant naturally and improve your chance of success whilst you are going through fertility treatment such as IVF/ ICSI